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Don't Suffer In Silence, Make A Report.

There is a large amount of information out in the media at the moment.  Everyday the government are issuing the public (and schools) an update to reassure us in the fight against this virus as it spreads across our community.  At this time the most important thing is to follow the advice from Public Health England, look after one another and be considerate as to how each of us may react to a situation we have not dealt with before.  Sometimes people can make us feel sad, sometimes they can help us feel in control.  Noone is setting out to give us unnecessary worry.  Remember - there is always someone to talk to or seek advice from.

The staff will still be working every day to provide you with resources for your lessons.  Our School Nurse and Counsellor will still be available for one to one conversations.  Your Form Tutor will check in with you every day to see how you are.  Make sure you ask how they are too!  They will really appreciate it.  It is really important that you and your family members stay connected to the wider world.  Having a sense of reality and social interaction via FaceTime, calling family etc will help us all feel better.  You must go out and exercise (away from others) so that you are giving yourself a positive attitude (and energy) to cope whilst you are isolated.  Some days you will find much harder than others; there is no "normal" experience.  Just give yourself time and try and complete an activity that makes yourself feel better.  Work can always be caught up and staff will always be here to support you.

Below are some links for additional support that you may benefit from over the coming weeks.  I am online checking my emails every day and can be here to listen - a problem shared often makes us feel better - even if there is no obvious solution.

Don't forget - you can always send a message via SHARP and I or one of the other members of the pastoral team will be able to respond.


Mrs Wood


Websites for advice:

NHS - Coronavirus

Stay at home guidance

Looking after your mental health

Social distancing and protecting vulnerable adults