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Safer Internet Day - 5 February 2019

This year's theme is about consent - your internet, your choice.

The following information is from the UK Safer Internet Centre's website (link above).  

This year, the day is focused on teaching you how to explore how you ask, give and receive consent online.  This can be between you and a friend, someone you are in a relationship with as well as companies and how they ask and use your data.

At School, we will be using their resources to work through all the issues associated with your data and consent during Form Time.  Four VI Form girls have kindly agreed to take the assemblies this week about this issue and will be available during Form Time and lunchtime should you have any questions about the topic.  

We are also really lucky to have a guest speaker joining us in June about social media and the use of technology in your life.  Aric Sigman will be presenting to pupils in Year 9, 10 and LVI as well as your parents.  Further details will be released nearer the time.