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Don't Suffer In Silence, Make A Report.

This section can help you with all sorts of health related worries.  During your time at school, you may be worried about some of the topics below.  Use this page as a starting point to seek advice.  Remember that you can always 'Make a Report' and ask for help.  

Claire is the School Nurse at AESG.  She has nearly 20 years' experience in caring for children, young people and families with physical, complex and emotional difficulties.  She is here to provide support for you and your family in times of need, to help avoid crisis and to become someone you know and can trust.  Claire is in school everyday from 9.30-2.30pm and can offer time, advise and help you access any other services that will enable you to manage and overcome any difficulties you may face while at AESG.

Take a look at the following TED Talks for ideas about maintaining our emotional health and wellbeing.

Cheshire services has also just launched an online forum where you can get advice if you are worried about a friend.  This can be related to their mental health, drugs and any other relevant topic.  This is starting from the 22 October and runs from 6-9pm on Tuesday and Thursdays.  It can be accessed via this link.


With the world of social media and celebrities enticing you to try new ways to control food and diet, the pressure is ever present for you as a girl growing up in the 2010's!  Whether it is a new year's resolution or something your friends have been talking about think before you try something.  Do some research, talk to our Food teachers, engage in discussion during form time.  The following websites can help give you and your friends support:

BEAT - the UK's eating disorder support charity

You can also watch the video linked here about body image.  Helen talks about how you can manage the stresses associated with body image.



As part of your PSHE lessons, you will cover many topics related to sexual health and wellbeing.  If you have more questions that need answering, we recommend that you talk to our School Nurse or go online to Brook.  This website covers everything you need to know about your body, sex, contraception, STIs, relationships and sexuality.  

The following video explains the basics of sexual consent.  If you are not sure, please always drop in and ask Claire.  Whether it is for you or a friend, make sure you are fully informed before you make any decision.



As seen in the video above, cannabis is one of the drugs that concern adults who look after young people.  Laughing Gas (also known as nitrous oxide) is also a significant problem.  Follow this link to Talk to Frank about it.

Cheshire Police have a website dedicated to young people called Upbeat.  Here there is an extensive set of resources for your information.


SOMETHING'S NOT RIGHT - a new resource from ChildLine



Childline - 0800 1111

Young Minds - 0808 802 5544

Beat - 0345 634 1414

42nd Street - 0161 228 7321

For support in a crisis - use this link here