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We have a duty of care to help protect you online.  Please watch the video above and consider how you would respond if a friend told you a similar story.  Who would you talk to?  How would you try and help them?

There are many ways in which to do so.  

  • You can visit the ThinkUKnow website.  
  • You can make a report to CEOP and their website has lots of advice to help you.  
  • Pick up your mobile and ring ChildLine on 0800 1111.
  • Complete a form on this site (click Make Report at the top of this page).
  • Talk to a teacher.  They will ensure that the right member of staff helps you to deal with the situation.

 ChildLine have also launched an app called Zipit.  This can help you deal with situations were someone is pressurising you to send images you do not wish to via social media.

Cheshire Police have launched a guide called 5Cs guide to staying safe online.

Social Media is a fantastic tool to connect with people but we also need to raise your awareness about people who may try and contact you.  Let's Talk About It is a website that is dedicated to the support and prevention of terrorism.  Their website gives you all sorts of advice about reporting things that you may see online that you think should not be on there.  Let's Talk About it works with schools and many other institutions to address issues associated with terrorism and ensure that we all support our community and protect the people within it.  If you have any concerns regarding this topic, please speak to Mrs Wood or your Head of Year.


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